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Welcome to SoundStream Radio

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SoundStream Radio has return.

Where do I start? Well it has been some time since the station has live DJs. For the past couple of months most of my own personal mixes have been playing live. Well it is time to bring the DJs back.

DJ Mustang Sally, my lead DJ and good friend, is going to be drafting DJs from far and wide. The concept of the radio has change, check it out!

The idea of SoundStream Radio is an online radio station that allows for hobby DJs to play music for their friends and peers. Of course the structure of DJ’ing on SoundStream Radio still requires a semi-professional matter and providing quality entertainment to all that are tuned in!

SSR is not locked down to a single platform or gaming community but instead is reaching out to all and any that a DJ wishes to entertain. Some of the current communities that are tuned into SSR are Dark Mayhem, Duckpond chat channel, Torn City and Evony. The list is continually growing as the SSR gains more and more momentum.

Management at SSR feels this unique structure will provide and welcome cross community interaction and provide a global entertainment value that is radically changing in the online radio world.

So I am happy to announce we are open for entertainment. I hope to see you around.

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